Product development & lifecycle management

Soft sensor system for water treatment


Quick action is often acquired in water treatment systems as specific pollution can choke a system or simply overwhelm it. Certain pollution flows can't be detected in time by in-line sensors or analytical devices. This project was about predicting those pollution flows using fuzzy logic techniques and implementing the designed soft sensing system using an embedded solution.


Project Highlights


1. Embedded soft sensing system design.

2. Fuzzy logic data processing integration.

3. Real-time waste water treatment plant monitoring

Multispectral high power LED lighting system


The bulk of LED lighting systems are designed as general lighting devices focussed on the spectral light region visible for humans. Combining a wide array of individually controllable LED`s with a specific spectral power band results in a multispectral lighting system. Using intelligent controlling techniques application specific systems where designed for use in a wide variety of fields.


Project Highlights


1. Intelligent multi band led control system.

2. Advanced optical solution.

3. Modular and widely applicable solution

Narrow band LED system for medical research


In medical (research) applications a lot of different kind of lasers are used to generate radiated light at very specific wavelengths. A big drawback of these laser systems are their costs and complexity. In this project a lighting device was developed, build and implemented using a led engine combined with a complex optical system to generate the required light beam.


Research Highlights


1. Very precise spectrum and radiated light control.

2. Designed and implemented in close collaboration with researchers.

3. Modular design approach.


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