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About Me


From young age I have always been fascinated by functioning principles of electrical and mechanical systems. The fascination never faded and until this day I feel blessed experiencing my studie and work through the same child eye`s.


Through my study and proffesional live I worked for a large part with multidisciplinary teams. Colleagues and team members counted me as socially skilled and a very capable team-player, with a strong focus on project goals. I learned to attain a flexible and open-minded view toward idea`s and thoughts of team members with backgrounds ranging from mechanics to doctors.



After finishing secondary education, my goal was becoming a aviation mechanic. During my technical education I realised that by going to University I would have a better time addressing my fascination for electronics and embedded system. After completing my Bachelor Thesis, I got the change to join a start-up in the field of soft sensor systems, which I took.

2005 - 2009

B.A. | Electrical engineering

2001 - 2005

Mechanic | Technical education

Work experience

2017 - now


Freelance product/project manager

Bluebee consultancy


2010 - 2017


Co-owner/project manager

Led Factory B.V.


2009 - 2010


Project engineer

Sensor Intelligence B.V.


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