Product development & lifecycle management

Ing. Sikke Lautenbach

Product/project manager


Bluebee consultancy is the platform I use to assist clientele in product development & product lifecycle management. Working fields range from industrial automatization to consumer products and medical appliances with a special expertise in projects containing LED or laser technology. Using my ever-expending network of specialist professionals in a wide variety of expertice's, multidisciplinairy projects are my domain of competence.

Reference experiences

During my career working for, and co-owning, different companies in the (soft)sensoring and LED business as technical specialist, project manager and product manager I had an involvement in a lot of projects. Below three projects I regard as highlights:  

Soft sensor system for water treatment

Multispectral high power LED lighting system

Narrow band LED system for medical research

Areas of Expertise


My professional live started at a start-up as a technical specialist and account manager. Soon after I worked as a project manager and product manager for different companies on a variety of projects.


As project manager I specialized in multi-disciplinairy projects often with very different stakeholders ranging from engineers, process technologist, biologists, doctors, technicians and government officials. Besides project manager as an engineer, I specialized in the field of LED system design and (soft)sensor technology

- Project management


- Product/process certification  


- Embedded system solutions


- LED system design


- (Soft)sensor solutions


- Digital/rapid prototyping





Contact Me


Please feel free to inform about the possibilities to collaborate on development projects in any form.


+31 6 83 30 97 32

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